Kiesol C (5 liter)
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Kiesol C is used as an injection agent to remedy rising damp in building masonry work. The cream is brought into the masonry work or mortar joints through horizontal boreholes under gravity.

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Contents: 5 Liter

Property profile
Kiesol C is an aqueous, solventfree injection cream with an active ingredient content of 80%.

  • Ready to use
  • Silane based, solvent-free
  • Very high yielding, low application rate
  • Optimised for application under gravity
  • Easy, fast and reliable
  • Suitable for a high degree of moisture saturation
  • Application rates can be easily calculated

Substrate preparation: Remove old render at least 80 cm above the visible moisture edge. Chase out damaged joints 2 cm deep. Fill open joints with Remmers Undercoat Render. Coat wall surfaces up to 30 cm above the row of boreholes with Remmers Sulfatex Grout in the Remmers Kiesol System (mineral waterproofing with deep protection).

Adjacent surfaces: Building elements that should not come in contact with the impregnation agent (e.g. glass, coated surfaces and surfaces to be coated) - as well as plants - should be protected by suitable means (e.g. by covering with polyethylene sheets).

Injection: Kiesol C is injected through boreholes in the masonry work. The boreholes are usually placed at ground height or floor height. The injection tube, which fits the diameter of the boreholes, is inserted as far as possible into the borehole. The boreholes should be evenly filled by slowly injecting the material into the borehole while pulling out the injection tube at the same time. For practical purposes, the distance between boreholes should be 12 cm with a borehole diameter of 12 mm. The depth of the borehole should be the depth of the masonry minus approx. 2 cm. Before injecting, always remove drilling dust from the boreholes first.


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Peter D. - 29-06-2016 19:46

Dosierung und Verarbeitung wurde mit einer Gartenspritze (vorher das Sieb aus dem Griffstück entfernen !) vorgenommen. War einfach und für jeden Heimwerker problemlos machbar. Über den Erfolg kann ich zur Zeit noch nicht berichten.
Kauf- und Versandabwicklung waren schnell und unkompliziert.
Dafür Dank an das Team Imprägnieroutlet

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