Deep primer (30 liter)
Deep primer (30 liter)
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Solvent based primer. Surface strengthening with high penetration depth for cementitious substrates.

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Contents: 30 liter.

Property profile

To be used for priming and strengthening old, friable and sanding renders as well as old lime and mineral paints and chalking dispersion coatings. It is also used for priming concrete, fibrated cement boards, frost resistant brick, cementitious renders (DIN 18550, P II and P III), interior renders, light-weight concrete, gypsum renders, gypsum building board, hard and press board, interior and exterior.

The substrate must be clean, dry and load bearing capable. Remove non-functioning old coatings and treat alga, lichen and moss with Alkutex BFA Impregnation. The substrate should be prepared according to guide lines for scrub and weather proof dispersion paint coatings. Observe especially VOB [German Contract Procedures in the Building Industry], Part C, DIN 18363, paragraphs 2 and 3; BFS Code of Practice for the respective areas of work. On highly absorbent, sanding and friable substrates, apply undiluted Funcosil Deep Primer evenly once or if necessary twice, wet-on-wet.
For weakly absorbent substrates, apply Funcosil Deep Primer thinned with 10% V 100 thinner or white spirit (turpentine substitute) evenly.

Application rate
Approx. 0.1 l/m² for smooth, absorbent substrates.
Approx. 0.2 l/m² for highly porous, rough and/or absorbent substrates.

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