Weber Klin Hamoline A
Metzger / Weber.Klin Hamoline A - Water based (5 liter)
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Weber.Klin Hamoline A is a clear water- and dirt repelling, damp regulating water based impregnation for universal use. Not to be used on previously impregnated surfaces.

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Metzger / Weber.Klin Hamoline A is a Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix impregnation product. 

Contents: 5 liter (5-10 m²)

Property profile
  • Universally applicable
  • Damp regulating
  • Water based

  • Preferably apply on a slightly damp surface.
  • weber.klin hamoline A must be applied pure, do not mix with water or other means.
  • Wipe the surface clean or brush the surface.
  • Repair any damage to jointing (pointing and / or plaster must be at least two weeks old).
  • cover windows, window shells, flooring, plants etc.
  • Shake the container before use.
  • Apply weber.klin hamoline A preferably by pouring or spraying under low pressure. Working from the bottom up and pour wet-on-wet over the solvent front. The impregnation agent is applied under gravity in a flow coating procedure generously enough that a 30-50 cm long film of liquid runs down the surface.
  • surfaces that have been impregnated before should be treated with the solvent based Weber.Klin Hamoline (without A)
  • tools may be rinsed with water after use.
  • spilled weber.klin hamolin A can be removed with some soapy water till 2 hours after application (depending to ambient temperatures).

Application rate
For a longterm effect the minimum required quantity should be 0.5 liter per m². At high-absorbing, porous surfaces the application rate can be up to 1 liter per m².

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