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Impregnation outlet, the company
 Was ist das Geschäftsmodell hinter Imprägnieroutlet?
 Sind Ihre Produkte neu und ungeöffnet?
 Outlet? Sind Ihre Produkte denn in der Nähe von den Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum?
 Do you have a webshop trust mark?
 Ich möchte die Produkte durch ein Spezialist anbrengen lassen. Wie mache ich daẞ?
 I want to issue a complaint or compliment about a product or service. What do I do?
Ordering, shipment and returning
 I have placed an order, what is the procedure?
 How will my order be delivered?
 Kann ich mein Bestellung auch abholen?
 My order has been placed, can I still change my order?
 I did not receive an order acknowledgement or status update on the purchased products.
 Can I also have my order delivered at a different location?
 Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten?
 What payment options do you offer?
 Is VAT included in your prices?
 Can I also order from abroad?
 Can I cancel my order and return the products, even when I already received them?
 I am ordering for my companies account. Do you supply against the 0% intra-community VAT tariff?
Our impregnation products
 Was benötige ich? Lösemittelhaltiges oder lösemittelfreies Imprägniermittel?
 Wenn brauche ich ein lösemittelfreies Imprägniermittel?
 My property has been treated with impregnates in the past but it needs to be redone. What to do?
 My impregnate protection is failing and I need to re-apply. I do not know what has been applied before. How can I make a safe choice?
Our Nano products
 What is Nano and what is Nano technology?
 How does Nanotol make the difference in comparison to all the other nano products?

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